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Scholarship Application 

Application for Scholarships

Spring 2024 Scholarship Applications are available November 1st 2023. Due date for applications is December 1st, 2023. Any form of dance is eligible.  This Scholarship Award is for dance tuition payments.  This scholarship is for dance education only.  Recital fees, costume fees, props and other merchandise needed are to be paid by parents/guardians. Scholarship awards are paid to the applicant's dance studio on a monthly basis. An attendance record from the applicant's dance studio is required to be submitted to Be Momentum in order to receive the monthly payment.  Students who fail to adhere to the conditions of the agreement risk losing their scholarship.



• Students will be between 3 & 18 years of age.

• Student’s family must demonstrate a financial need. (See Financial Qualification Chart below) Financial Need is defined as 400% of FPL or less.

• Student’s must take dance from a dance studio which is in Southern Santa Barbara County (Carpinteria to Goleta)

•All Students who wish to receive a scholarship award must submit the following: 

     • A complete application form

     • Proof of household Income for the parent(s) and /or legal guardian in which the student resides.

           1. Signed copy of Federal Income Tax Form with W2’s attached or

           2. SSI Notification Medical Record or 

           3. TANF Notification or

           4. Other


Applications for Fall 2024 are now closed 

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